Mountain Biking

TrekPowerflyFS9_angle-1110x1002Have great fun riding a Trek Powerfly+ mountain bike.  The Trek experience is combined with electric engineering to give birth to a new line of assisted pedalling bicycles. The engine and battery of the Powerfly+ provide the rider with the extra power needed to cycle longer distances, while its strong structure allows riding on all types of terrain. Its frame was designed to supply the Bosch system with a balanced geometry which provides the best comfort and the perfect agility to provide maximum safety while cycling. The Bosch driving unit employs a strength sensor, a speed sensor and a cadence sensor, all needed to achieve natural pedalling. The battery, located on the sidelong tube, gives an extra 400 watts of power to assist in climbing, both on-road and off-road. When going off-road with a Powerfly+ you will have all the advantages of a 29” Trek bike with an extra flexibility. With its Bosch assisted pedalling system, it transforms mountains into hills.  Together with Trek’s long experience with mountain bikes, the Powerfly+ will take you anywhere you like. Further information: Available bikes for rental: N. 7 Trek Powerfly+ of which:

  • n° 1 Trek Powerfly+ 15″ (S)
  • n° 3 Trek Powerfly+ 17″ (M)
  • n° 3 Trek Powerfly+ 19″ (L)