SUP is a sport that started in Polynesia and its popularity spread throughout the Pacific. In Hawaii in the 50s and 60s the Waikiki Beach Boys adopted the technique in order to have greater control of their groups of surf trainees. Over the years, world famous surfers have enhanced and improved the techniques and we have seen the sport spread across the globe.  In recent years, Italy has seen a rapid growth in interest in SUP.

The enthusiasm that nowadays surrounds SUP lays in the fun that it offers both when cruising inshore or surfing the waves.
As well as fun, SUP offers an excellent physical workout. The effort involved, works all muscle groups as well as improving one’s balance and physical resistance.

The Stand Up Paddle technique is quite easy to learn.  Everybody can do it, at any age, with minimal instruction. It can be practised on all sorts of water: seas, lakes or canals. You don’t necessarily need waves – just a paddle, a board and a life jacket.
In addition to SUP rentals, Fango Excursions also organizes classes and excursions, either individually or for groups.


  • N. 4 Air maestro Jimmy Lewis 10’3×33 190 litres paddle, pump, and carrying bag
  • N. 1 Striker Jimmy Lewis 9’6x31x4,15 147 litres
  • N. 1 Hanalei Jimmy Lewis 10’4×28,5×4,25 140 litresPaddle, leash and life jacket hire is included with the boards.